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Month: September 2016

Why would you need my services?

Let’s be realistic, the days when you needed a big recording studio to record and mix your track are over. No matter if you are making Electronic music in your bedroom, or recording your band in a rehearsal room (or your garage), plenty of artists and bands showed already that it is totally possible to get great results ending on album releases, and even in the radio charts.

Obviously, it takes a lot of work as you probably know it. I’m assuming you already had your share of hours and hours of trials and errors, maybe to end up with mixed results. In my perspective it is because no matter how skilled an artist can be, the experience and technical knowledge needed to be an audio engineer is a very different job, and why should you have to do it all?

So, you are satisfied with your composition, but wondering why your track is not sounding as great as the artists/bands you are listening to? Why, no matter what, it seems that you can’t get that texture, that loudness, that special tone that define the tracks and genres you like so much?

That’s where I come in.

I will listen to your demo, your rough recordings or your final mix, and will give you a FREE FEEDBACK by email. From my experience, I will tell you if your track needs work and where I feel it does. I will give you some advice on what you can do on your end to improve it, and what I could do on my end in term of mixdown and mastering if you wish to hire my services.

That’s as simple as that!