Hello! My name is Mathieu and I am a creative & forward-thinking Sound Engineer and Music Producer who gets his productions and mixes used by top clients like H&M, broadcasted on various European Cinemas, TVs and radios, and released on various labels in Europe and USA. I’m a “creative minded” person who’s geeky about new technologies while attached to the history of sound and music genres. Highly academic, I graduated from Sir Paul McCartney’s LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) with a BA with Honours in Sound Technology. I also have a diploma in Jazz Piano and Music Theory, which allows me to understand the production of a song from A to Z and approach your track with the right mindset to give the best result.

  • Birthday 29-08-1984
  • Work As Freelancer
  • Lives In Switzerland



    Send me your track and I'll give you a free consultation. I will also let you know what I could do for you to make it sound great.


    Taking your finished composition and its separate tracks I will mix the song to make it sound big, professional and radio-friendly, club-friendly and/or album-friendly.


    Taking your finished track or album I will give it the final gloss in order to give it a consistent tone and loudness, and perform the last quality check of the audio chain.

How does it work?

  • Consultation
  • Final Quote
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Delivering

Let’s be realistic, the days when you needed a big recording studio to record and mix your track are over. No matter if you are making Electronic music in your bedroom, or recording your band in a rehearsal room (or your garage), plenty of artists and bands showed already that it is totally possible to get great results ending on album releases, and even in the radio charts.

Obviously, it takes a lot of work as you probably know it. I’m assuming you already had your share of hours and hours of trials and errors, maybe to end up with mixed results. In my perspective it is because no matter how skilled an artist can be, the experience and technical knowledge needed to be an audio engineer is a very different job, and why should you have to do it all?

So, you are satisfied with your composition, but wondering why your track is not sounding as great as the artists/bands you are listening to? Why, no matter what, it seems that you can’t get that texture, that loudness, that special tone that define the tracks and genres you like so much?

That’s where I come in.

I will listen to your demo, your rough recordings or your final mix, and will give you a FREE FEEDBACK by email. From my experience, I will tell you if your track needs work and where I feel it does. I will give you some advice on what you can do on your end to improve it, and what I could do on my end in term of mixdown and mastering if you wish to hire my services.

That’s as simple as that!



  • Giz Lee – In The End

  • Nadine Carina – Never Been To Heaven

  • Mangocats – Mangocats EP

  • Whoever Fights Monsters – Nihongi

  • Queen Maud – Bodies

  • Space Toys – Drawing Constellation

  • Nadine Carina – Things That People Love to Remember

  • Cloud Seeding – The Light

  • Sudden Spark – Songbird EP

  • Vivace – Pulsation

  • Hard Time Bus

  • Romans d’ados

  • Gated – Dust&Loops partII

  • Gated – Dust&Loops

  • Gated – EP 2013

  • Nadine Carina – Where I Love EP


    • FREE consultation via my contact form
    • No obligation whatsoever
    • I will include a quote and explanation of the work I could do to improve your track



    • Up to 24 tracks: £180 / $200 / CHF200 per song
    • 25+ tracks: Ask for quote
    • Includes 1 revision for free, then $20 per revision
    • 50% payable in advance, 50% after final approval



    • £35 / $40 / CHF40 per song
    • Stem mastering: from £40 / $50 / CHF50 (depending on the amount of stems)
    • Includes 1 revision for free, then $5 per revision
    • Mastering and Stem mastering are payable upfront


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