Hello! My name is Mathieu and I am a creative & forward-thinking Sound Engineer and Music Producer who gets his productions and mixes used by top clients like H&M, broadcasted on various European Cinemas, TVs and radios, and released on various labels in Europe and USA. I’m a “creative minded” person who’s geeky about new technologies while attached to the history of sound and music genres. Highly academic, I graduated from Sir Paul McCartney’s LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) with a BA with Honours in Sound Technology. I also have a diploma in Jazz Piano and Music Theory, which allows me to take the production of a song from start to finish.

  • Birthday 29-08-1984
  • Work As Freelancer
  • Lives In London



    Taking your songs from were you left them I will create the perfect production following your ideas or reference tracks. This is were a good demo can go through the necessary transformation in order to become a great professional sounding track.


    Taking your finished composition and its separate tracks I will mix the song to make it sound big, professional and radio-friendly.


    Taking your finished track or album I will give it the fina gloss in order to give it a consistent tone and loudness, and perform the last quality check of the audio chain.

How does it work?

  • Composing
  • Producing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Delivering
  • Composing (85%)
  • Recording (80%)
  • Mixing (95%)
  • Mastering (80%)
  • in-the-end

    Giz Lee – In The End

  • NadineCarina_NeverBeenToHeaven-Album-Cover

    Nadine Carina – Never Been To Heaven

  • a1430518674_10

    Mangocats – Mangocats EP

  • a1361650572_10

    Whoever Fights Monsters – Nihongi

  • a1085879284_10

    Queen Maud – Bodies

  • a3386175908_10

    Space Toys – Drawing Constellation

  • a3650128581_10

    Nadine Carina – Things That People Love to Remember

  • a0086028858_10

    Cloud Seeding – The Light

  • a2521491738_10

    Sudden Spark – Songbird EP

  • a0022978309_10

    Vivace – Pulsation

  • Hard-Time-Bus-movie-poster

    Hard Time Bus

  • jaquette coffret RA def

    Romans d’ados

  • a0689202759_10

    Gated – Dust&Loops partII

  • a1073975936_10

    Gated – Dust&Loops

  • a1353880567_10

    Gated – EP 2013

  • 168824_567244396649186_236819223_n

    Nadine Carina – Where I Love EP

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